Cocktail Hour Meal Kit


Gin & Jazz, with Isolation Cocktails.

PRE-ORDER online by  TUE Aug 9th, 10PM

DELIVERED FREE to your door FRI Aug 12th, by 5PM

Your Kit includes items to make:

4 Fun Cocktails (easy to adventurous) paired with local goodies! 

You'll Also Get:
✨ Essential Bar Tools
✨ Simple Syrup by Isolation Cocktails
✨ Best Garnishes
✨ Cocktail Instructions with Photos
✨ Top Drink Making Tips, from a pro!
✨ Virtual Playlist while you Cook
✨ Special Discounts!

Coming Soon!

You will need:

Coming Soon!

Isolation Cocktails | Virtual Cocktail Workshops | Toronto

When the pandemic hit, Matt Lacas & Rosie Callaghan were forced to leave their bartending jobs and find something new. That's when Isolation Cocktails was born. Since then they've spread their love of all things drinky drinks teaching people how to make their own yummy creations from the comfort of their own home.

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