What is "Just Be Cooking"?

We host culturally-specific hands-on cooking workshops in Toronto, Canada.
Our mission is to provide a deeper cultural context to each dish..

We do this by having someone directly from that culture teach you how to make it and also teach you the heritage and traditions surrounding it. We augment this with Live music from that culture, sung and performed by, again, a person with that same background. A communal meal is provided at the end with other, culturally appropriate side dishes. 
Due to the ongoing CoVid-19 pandemic, we have moved all our events online, via Zoom. This is a work in progress, as we try to balance safety with providing our signature blend of cooking, sharing and live entertainment.

Our Events

These are not your typical cooking classes. They are practical and above all, fun and entertaining cooking events! 
Our workshops are each based around a  culturally specific dish, followed up by Live music from that culture and a communal meal.
Masterclasses are a more advanced Workshop, usually built around  creating a full meal - appetizer, main course and dessert.
These are classic dinner parties, intimate and special with delightful live music and singing. There is no teaching component but the emphasis is still very much on presenting the food and traditions of a single culture.
One or Multi-day Camps for Kids aged 4-8 and 12- 16. Every Kids Camp is tailored to the age group, with a critical emphasis on maing cooking fun and interesting.
Each Workshop is hosted by someone from that particular country or heritage. Our Hosts take you through a very pragmatic and traditional way to make a classic dish, food type or process associated with their culture.  Each Host is each very knowledgeable in their field, are excellent demonstrators and very easy to engage with.
After the Workshop ends a Communal Meal is provided, based around the dish we've just made. Condiments, sides and light (non-alcoholic) beverages are provided. We occasionally are licenced to serve alcohol.
The Communal Meal (and sometimes the Workshop itself) is accompanied by live singing and/or with a band. Continuing with the theme, our Singer/Band are from that same cultural background.


You can pay online through this website by Credit Card and Apple Pay.
Please note that we do not accept payments in person, on the day of the Workshop.
We accept most major Credit Cards.
We use STRIPE to process Credit Card payments, etc. With Stripe, this website stores none of your credit card data. Everything is processed by Stripe, using their secure servers. Its fee is the exact same (2.9% +0.30c).


We don't own or rent a bricks-and-mortar physical location. 
Instead we research and book venues that are appropriate, interesting  and have character. By not incurring the costs of rent, insurance, fees, bills, etc we are able to keep our ticket prices lower than the average for a class of this caliber.
We currently use several different venues; they each have very unique styles and atmospheres and are used for different types of events, with some commonality between them.


We are available to host Private Workshops in your home, at work or at another, mutually acceptable venue.
Minimum 3 Guests
We often host Workshops in someone's personal home. These are generally smaller, about 3-8 people, making them very fun and personal, great for families and close friends. You can’t beat the intimacy and fun of a workshop right there, in your own kitchen!
Minimum 5 Guests
Workshops can be booked and/or held by a company or large organization. They are hosted in the work place, if there is an appropriate space, or in an external venue. These events are perfect opportunities for team building, staff meet & greet, thank-you presents to your employees, holiday events and more!

Sometimes we host Workshops at one-off events or venues - for example a dumpling festival or a bachelorette party. We always try to make things work the best for everyone.


Many of our Workshops are Vegetarian/Vegan friendly, but it does depend on the actual dish being taught. Sometimes, but not always, we can teach a vegetarian version of that particular.
Please check each Workshop's ingredients list and feel free to contact us to confirm any details for yourself.
Most of our Workshops have a vegetarian version or aspect - e.g. many Polish Pierogi recipes are traditionally meat-free. We don't have a specifically Vegan Workshop, but hey, if enough people ask... :)


Generally, our Workshops are not dairy free. Most dishes use older, traditional recipes that almost always feature dairy to some degree. Naturally, if a recipe does not call for dairy then we certainly don't add it. 
As always, please let us know in advance of any medical dietary issues. We prepare each Workshop as a separate event, as in we buy and prepare the food for that Workshop separately from other Workshops. This means we have very little wastage, but also that we don't have many options to us "on the day", if we are not made aware of any issues in advance .


Generally, our Workshops are not gluten free. However we can, and have, hosted vegan & gluten-free Workshops. 

Also, if gluten-free dough is available for a particular workshop then there will an opportunity to "Choose Your Dough" when booking. The choice will be either Standard Dough or Gluten-Free.
Please check each Workshop's ingredients list and feel free to contact us to confirm any details for yourself.
Please note that there are usually limited amounts of G-F dough provided, so it is best to select G-F Dough only if that is an actual dietary need.
We are not currently GF certified. For private events (e.g. in your home/work place) we can customize the workshops to your specific needs, where possible with the particular dish. There is a "Notes" area provided when booking your tickets for any additional notes.


Our venues are working kitchens, hosting a very wide variety of other workshops, food types and cooking processes. We host workshops at these locations we do not actually own, rent or manage the individual locations themselves. 

As such we cannot guarantee they are free of nuts/fish/etc.
If you or a member of your party, has any food allergy then you must let us know several days in advance.


Please see our Terms & Conditions page for specific details. 

Our T & C are clear and very comprehensive. While we will never void them, we are flexible on certain conditions and are always willing to chat about a particular situation or need.

Just Be Cooking

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