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About Us


A new way of bringing people together, at Just Be Cooking we believe where there's cooking, there should always be music. Because in the end, music makes everything better. It helps keep us in the present moment, bringing us closer to ourselves and the people around us. That's why since 2017 we've been working hard with local chefs and musicians to create unique cooking with music experiences for people across Toronto, Canada.

From Cultural Cooking Classes with Music to Cultural Meal Boxes with Music, we've come a long way. What has remained constant has been the joy of spreading the magic of 'just being' through cooking & music into people's lives. We hope you welcome the magic into your lives too.


"After having my first child 10 years ago, I eventually realized I needed to be more present if I ever wanted to be close with my daughter. That's when I started to incorporate music into my life.

With music, everything slowed down, showing me what was truly important. It opened the door to self-reflection, bringing me closer to my kids, to my cooking, to my culture.

That's when I started to study, apply and teach the art of mindfulness through cooking using music. Eventually quitting my comfy teaching job, I took my 20 year career & Masters Degree in Education & Training, 10 year culinary experience and, not to mention, passion for belting out sing songs (who's with me?!) to help people create their own culinary way to 'Just Be'.

What did this teach me? Aside from having to deal with those uncomfortable feelings that creep up after burning a souffle in front of 50 students, it gave me a tremendous appreciation for the things in my life. I learned that real significance hides in the insignificant and that we shouldn't let any moment pass us by.

So give cooking and music a try. It could just change your life too."

~ Chef Mari Rozyn, Culinary Experience Officer (CEO) at Just Be Cooking